You could just do whatever you want — nobody does anything, nobody tells you to stop, you could do whatever you wanted

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If you’re the press, and literally your whole job is to tell stories, and you’ve got this crazy story that you keep under wraps, … [2:43:15 – 2:43:50]

Who are the “Bad Guys”?

On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience with Krystal & Saagar (#1485) — Joe & Krystal talked about who are the “Bad Guys”?

When you’re defining something or someone — and I feel the same way about, sometimes, occasionally, about really self-rightous blogs — when they write an evil blog about someone… that person doesn’t get a chance to respond. You know, you’re just saying it out there, your perception of that person — and you can just make all these horrible distortions. [16:55 – 17:12]