You see what you want to see

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Most of it was something that people were projecting onto me and I was a convenient canvas for that, because nobody knew who I was. Right? Because I was a nobody, and so that meant I could be an anybody, and then once people decided what that person was, like having that be corrected … you know … — yes, you see me right now, this is how I am, and I honestly feel that a lot of the negative things that a lot of people have felt about me have been a projection of some kind of nightmarish imagination that they have, they’ve just projected onto me.

Amanda Knox, “This Past Weekend w Theo Von #225” [ 1:18:35 – 1:19:25 ]

Skewed / Biased Information is Insane!

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Shona Harding raises many interesting points about something she refers to as “social media” (but she doesn’t really clarify what is / isn’t social media) — cf.