You see what you want to see

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Most of it was something that people were projecting onto me and I was a convenient canvas for that, because nobody knew who I was. Right? Because I was a nobody, and so that meant I could be an anybody, and then once people decided what that person was, like having that be corrected … you know … — yes, you see me right now, this is how I am, and I honestly feel that a lot of the negative things that a lot of people have felt about me have been a projection of some kind of nightmarish imagination that they have, they’ve just projected onto me.

Amanda Knox, “This Past Weekend w Theo Von #225” [ 1:18:35 – 1:19:25 ]

Showing My / Your Work Show

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It’s the process, and not the product, that is what’s going to help to create community and excitement around your work.

“The book to blame for why I decided to “show my work” (a must-read for creatives looking to connect)” [2:47]

We reveal what it is like living with each other

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We decided to film it into an actual Youtube video, so you can better see how we interact with each other.
Erika , Isabelle , Gabby , Linhchi

I’ve been following the podcast of these 3 (now 4?) girls (who are also housemates) for quite some time.

On their “About Us” page, they describe that:

As a whole, LE, and I hope to share our personal experiences to inspire our readers and guide them through the day to day obstacles that young adults commonly face.

I find that they have significantly developed their podcasting skills, and even though the episodes seem very natural, there are also signs and indications that the girls are putting significant work and effort into creating a highly polished (and professional) product.

In this episode, I found that one section in particular displayed how authentic their interaction appears. The following frames come from the section titled “Who is the best at communicating when there are problems?” (@ ca. 33 min.)


The body language comes across loud and clear!

Skewed / Biased Information is Insane!

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Shona Harding raises many interesting points about something she refers to as “social media” (but she doesn’t really clarify what is / isn’t social media) — cf.

I gave up the person that was addicted

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… with the awareness that we are apes. [10:51 – 10:54 ; 12:43 – 12:46]

Russell Brand